Robert blanding  Robert Blanding






  Robert Blanding



  Original Member of The Rainbows, The Roadrunners, Together In Confidence (TIC)

                                 Place of Birth: Manning, South Carolina


 Robert Blanding first performed while still in high school with a group known as The Rainbows. As the story

goesfor their very first engagement they had no uniforms but every one was to wear a jacket. They all came

with jackets of a different color so they called themselves the Rainbows.  They toured the south and appeared

at Colleges such as Morris College and venues in the Columbia and Sumter, SC. area.  Upon arriving in Brooklyn, NY.

 Robert formed his first band called The Road Runners and later the band (TIC) Together In Confidence.

Robert Like lots of great Singers, Band Leaders and performers had a chance to work with some of the best

artist around in those days. Opening for a show with Kool And The Gang. performing with the Manhattans

and the Mad Lads. From the late 60's Robert Blanding And Gary Gant formed a relationship where he would visit

the Invitations in concert  when they performed in the New York area and the Invitations did like wise with (TIC).

 However in 1973 the bonds grew even closer when (TIC) and Gary Gant  of the Invitations work together on

a local promoted show where Gary Gant was filling in for another artist in a group that was missing a

baritone singer. From that point on they kept in touch. The Invitations had their release on

Silver Blue Records "They Say The Girls Crazy" at that time recalls Robert. Better known to his Co-Artist as Bob. 

 However in the late 70's lead singer Lew Kirton went solo.  


The Best of The Invitations

 Dac-Bag ⰰ4-2006

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