Richie Pitts






  Richie Pitts



                        Original Member of the Velours and the Fantastics

                        Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York


  Richie Pitts known through out the UK and other parts of the world such as Japan, Portugaal etc; Has

been dubed as Mr. Fantastic and that he is. In the 50's Richie sang with such groups as the Newtons

and the Strangers out of Brooklyn NY.  In these groups were childhood and life long friends Alvin Ham and

Herman Cofield. during these early years all the group singers knew each other and would not hesitate

together in a club or on a street corner just to sing harmony. Along came the 60's and Richie was

well known in the music circles for not only his performing, but also for his contributions at recording

sessions as a background vocalist. Often at these sessions he would work with Gary Gant "a member

of The Invitations" writing and Co-Producing together. Richie eventually joined the Velours and in the

late 60's coming from a rehearsal ran into the Invitations. Who had just returned from the UK. 

Contact information was shared and the United Kingdom gain a great entertainer. But the Invitations

not only retained a long time friend but he has always been as a working member when ever we needed him.   




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