Lew Kirton


Lew Kirton, who has recorded for BID,CBS,TK, MCA/England, received his vocal training in the disciplined environment of the Anglican Church choir in his native Barbados. At age 13, he had the #1 record in the Caribbean entitled: What About You? The record remained at the top of the charts for weeks. Kirton, a self-starter, also taught himself to play drums. His earlier experiences in the entertainment industry has provided Lew with the best training ground for which an artist could ask. To mention a few, as a teen, Lew toured with The Blue Rhythm Combo, the most popular group in the Caribbean. After the tour he moved to Canada. While in Canada, he was on the billing with The Everly Brothers and Glen Yarbrough.  Lew appeared as a regular on the highly rated Take a Bow variety show, and later became lead vocalist with the pop-oriented band: The Missing Links. 


The payment of his "dues" led him to the United States. That year, Lew joined The Sam and Dave Revue as a drummer. Playing drums with The Sam and Dave Revue enabled Lew to cover the United States and Europe. At the end of the tour, Lew accepted an offer to join the Invitations as the lead vocalist. "They Say the Girl is Crazy" (released on Polydor Records) was one of the top ten hits that kept them touring throughout the United States. Lew has also toured with Bobby Womack, Carla Thomas and Wilson Pickett. He has also appeared in shows with other noted artist such as Cheryl Lynn at Studio 54, and the Jones Girls. Another highlight in Lew's career was appearing on the same billing with Tina Turner for a New Year's Eve performance at The Princess in Acapulco, Mexico where Lew had the pleasure of opening the show. As a composer/lyricist, Lew wrote and co-wrote songs for other artists, such as Tyrone Brunson's Don't Wanna Stop The Lovin', and Melba Moore's Read My Lips album.



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