Alvin Ham






                   Alvin Ham

                  THE INVITATIONS


  Original Member of the Newtones and the Strangers

  Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York


Alvin Ham sang with various groups in the 50's, during these years Al as he is known to his

friends became one of the premier tenors. he was compared to the tenors of groups such as

The Moonglows, The Dells etc; singing first tenor was his passion. But you could count on him to

also carry a mellow lead. In the 50's Alvin recorded with his childhood friend  Richie Pitts for Baton

records as the Newtones and the Strangers on Warner Bros. one release was a song called Night

Winds. Al has also recorded on the labels MGM and Paramount records. It was these years that allow him to

reunite with long time friends Herman Cofield and Gary Gant.

  From the 60's well into the late 90's Al collaborated  with the Invitations on several recording projects


well as the promotion and production of quite a few shows in New York and the surrounding area.

The Invitations could always count on Alvin whenever they needed a stand in for gigs or another

rich tenor voice at one of there many recording sessions. His expertise in the music field were enhanced

by working with some of the top producers and A&R men in the business such as Richard Barett,

Buzzy Willis and Bert Keyes.


                      Alvin Rudolph Ham lead singer and first tenor for "The Invitations".    




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